Facebook is now a full-fledged ad platform with powerful marketing tools, and it’s time to update your thinking about how to grow your practice with it.

We’ll get right to the point: the key to using Facebook’s incredible marketing and targeting tools is paid advertising.

There’s no getting around it — Facebook is now comparable to Google in terms of global marketing spending and reach, and using it to grow your business is largely a pay-to-play deal. However, the fact remains that Facebook is still the smartest place for you to invest your dental marketing dollar.

With The Dentist’s Guide to Facebook Advertising, you’ll find answers to the essential questions of paid Facebook ads, such as:

  • What are my options for advertising on Facebook and how do I do it effectively?
  • What should my Facebook advertising budget be?
  • What is share-worthy content and how should I promote it?

With organic reach continuing to plummet, paid Facebook advertising can become a powerful part of your dental marketing — even if you’re busy. We make it easy to get started!

The ultimate Facebook advertising guide specifically for busy dental practices.

In the past few years, social media platforms have grown to gigantic proportions. Users now number in the billions, sharing a mind-boggling amount of content every day. The time people are spending on social media is rapidly catching up with television.

However, our research has confirmed that un-promoted posts from business pages reach between 3 to 7 percent of their audience depending on the page, location of the practice, competition and when the post was made. This means that if your practice Facebook page has 600 fans, your posts could be reaching 18 or fewer people organically.

How does this affect your plan to grow your practice with social media? When your patients engage with your posts and share them with friends and family, they introduce you to the people most likely to become new patients. It’s the most effective way to turn patients into advocates and build powerful, authentic word-of-mouth marketing. But if your patients and fans never see your posts in the first place, they won’t have the chance to share. Unpaid, organic reach just isn’t enough to get your social media content seen by the people that will help your practice thrive.

Time to face facts: you not only need great content to grow your dental practice’s presence on social media, you need to put some money into it. However, with the price of entry come incredible opportunities to attract ideal new patients as well as retain the ones you have. Making small, smart investments in promoting your content is the new reality of social media marketing, and the faster you embrace it, the faster new patients can start finding you.

How can you use paid Facebook advertising to reach current and potential patients, build relationships, and motivate them to action? Download and read this free ebook now!

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