What people are saying about your dental practice online may likely be the determining factor in whether or not they call you for an appointment. Strengthen your social proof online and new patients will come to you!

People by nature have a tendency to follow the crowd. When we see that a certain restaurant always has a line out the door, or that a product has a ton of positive user feedback, we don’t need to be convinced to try it out! This is the influence of “social proof,” and it’s one of your greatest tools to boost patient retention and help new patients find you. With this ebook, learn simple ways to use social media to strengthen your practice’s social proof, including:

  • Obtaining and Better Managing Online Reviews
  • Turning Patients into Advocates
  • Leveraging Influencers
  • Turning Intangibles into Transference

Harness the power of social proof to build a reputation that patients and potential patients will trust, act upon, and share with friends!

Turn Patients Into Your Dental Practice’s Greatest Advocates

Your practice’s best, most effective marketing content actually isn’t created by you. It’s made when a patient posts about you on their own page, and mentions or tags your practice. When a patient posts, it introduces your practice to their entire network of family of friends who trust their recommendations.

And in Facebook’s case, because personal posts are not limited in the same way by revenue-generating business algorithms, they reach a much higher percentage of people inside these trusted networks.

Additionally, when a patient posts a photo of themselves at your practice to their own account, it eliminates the need for any HIPAA consent. The patient is voluntarily self-identifying as your patient, so no permission is required, even when you share that post to your own social media account. One less roadblock!

So, how do you actually get patients and fans to post on your behalf? A patient post is essentially their stamp of approval, and people are careful with which businesses they endorse on social media. As with all positive word-of-mouth, it must be earned. It starts with creating a patient experience so remarkable that they can’t help but share.

Transform Your Practice Culture Through Digital Marketing

Of course, any changes to your practice culture require everyone to be on board, and specific, organized training. Effective social media marketing is a team effort that will be rewarding and fun. As long as the initiative is organized with a specific goal in mind, your team can rally around the experience and make the entire office a better place to work and visit.

Teach your team members to bring up social media with everyone who visits your practice. Don’t assume for whatever reason that one of your patients isn’t on social media. Studies show that nearly 70% of all adults in the U.S. have a Facebook account.

Having consistent, engaging content on your practice’s social media pages is also part of the patient experience. It keeps people “tuned in” and willing to participate and share, rather than just passively following you. This ebook contains a wealth of tips and advice that will help you create an online experience that patients and fans will want to be a part of!

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