Growing your practice through social media dental marketing requires a conscious, daily effort. But team motivation fades over time — you need a strategy to keep everyone excited and participating!

In this free ebook from My Social Practice, learn why consistency and fun are crucial to digital marketing success and transforming your practice. Get simple, practical guidelines and ideas that will help you make daily social media participation something your team looks forward to:

  • See why staying consistent in your social media marketing efforts is so vital
  • Learn four essential keys that will keep your social media plan fun and sustainable
  • Take ideas to get you unstuck when you feel your team has “hit a wall”

Consistent effort, small steps, and patience are a winning formula for virtually everything we do. Download the ebook today and get your dental practice on the path to digital marketing success — and keep it there!

Your Practice’s Complete Guide to Staying Motivated in Dental Marketing

You’re a dental professional, so you know what it takes to be successful. Whether it’s providing the best treatment for your patients, maintaining an inviting office environment, or improving relationships with your team members, there’s one constant in everything you do that builds your practice: Success requires a conscious, daily effort.

Actually, just about everything we do in life that has real value is accomplished in the same way: little by little. We can gain motivation by breaking our goals down into small, manageable baby steps. And when we see the remarkable achievements of others, instead of thinking “I could never do that,” we can recognize that even for talented, committed individuals, nothing happens overnight and growth takes patience.

Remember that social media marketing isn’t something you have, it’s something you do. Attracting new patients and growing your practice isn’t something you can just “set and forget.” And, you can’t just outsource this effort to some outside service. To be truly effective, you have to participate — and you have to be consistent in that participation.

As patients and fans come to recognize your practice’s social media presence as a dependable way to get useful information, have some fun, and connect with your team personally, you’ll see returns in the form of better patient relationships, greater case acceptance, and more referrals.

Here at My Social Practice, we have the privilege of working with hundreds of leading-edge, visionary dental and orthodontic practices as clients. We also have the blessing of influencing and educating tens of thousands of practices and dental professionals through our blog, webinars, seminars, speaking gigs and social media platform.

And overwhelmingly, we see that the practices that integrate the right mindset into their efforts and make a small commitment of time and energy to effective dental social media marketing tactics and strategy see great success.

Following these guidelines will help you to create an effective, sustainable social media plan that fits YOUR schedule — even for the busiest dental teams. This ebook is your guide to transforming your practice culture by making your dental marketing fun and consistent!

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