Sometimes, when you’re trying to market your dental practice online, you might feel like you’re shouting into a void. Is anyone actually listening?

But with a strategic approach to online content distribution, you can get the word out about your practice where patients and ideal potential patients will see it — and act!

Watch this free webinar by My Social Practice partner Jack Hadley about the best ways for dentists to reach their target audiences through better online content distribution. Did you know it can take 20 interactions or more for prospective patients to even remember your name? Learn the essentials of getting through to them, including:

  • Sending compelling emails that guide people to your practice 
  • Using Facebook’s powerful audience targeting tools
  • Reaching the people most likely to become new patients — your current patients’ family and friends

Get simple, applicable strategies you can apply immediately to grow your social media pages and help new patients find you! Plus, free downloadable materials to help you put what you learn into action!