Dentists and their teams are busy. We understand! So when we talk about using social media marketing, with all the platforms, apps and features available, it might just sound like another thing you don’t have time for. But you can’t just ignore it — smart digital marketing is crucial to growing a thriving dental practice.

How can you select the best tools and features, and how do you PRIORITIZE your efforts to make the MOST effective use of your time?

Join My Social Practice partner Jack Hadley for a free webinar about the essential tools you MUST be using in your digital marketing efforts. Learn the different aspects of creating a marketing plan that fits YOUR schedule, including:

  • Where to focus your activities if you have time for nothing else
  • Tips on using social media platforms’ features most efficiently
  • Deciding how to expand your practice’s online presence after you master the basics

Get simple, applicable strategies you can apply immediately to grow your social media pages and help new patients find you! Plus, free downloadable materials to help you put what you learn into action!